We identified a lack of projects directed by the youths in the area of Greenwich borough.  We undertook focused on keeping the youths occupied with worthwhile activities such  as Coding, web designing, computer repairing, ESOL Class ,Cooking classes, Drama ,Dance, Arts and Music.

With the support of Awards for all in 2010 we organised drama and Dance project to encourage young people into positive activities.

We started by wanting to meet the needs of isolated, disadvantaged, socially and

Economically deprived young people in the borough of Greenwich and surround areas and now taken our vision

Whilst this was having an impact on the Youths, we identified that for us to build on this success, there was a need to expand our activities based on a more holistic approach that involved address the needs of the families that these young people where coming from in order to have a lasting impact on the overall well-being.

The families the young people coming from were being impacted by an ever increasing levels of poverty, homelessness and unemployment in the area.

This lead us to the development of  a strategy  that involved providing  training and employment activities that were directed at dealing with  poverty ,homelessness ,unemployment and underlying issues such as drugs abuse ,knife crime and poverty.

2013 We started our partnership with Global giving in order to expand our activities in addressing Child poverty and a lack Education opportunities. This  lead to the development of educational and housing provision projects that  have impacted over 3000 children around the world in the past  Ten years.

In the same period we have increased other community empowerment activities such as ESOL and Gardening classes, primary targeted at the large migrate community in the Greenwich area.

This experience of working in different communities has lead to a need for an increased level of activities that are supported by a wide range of volunteers from varied backgrounds.

We engaged in activities in a number of countries in the world .We respond to request for helping from anywhere in the world in response to natural and man made disasters.