CHF works in partnership with other outside agencies, including the police, GAV (Greenwich Action for Voluntary Service), prison and probation services, child and Youth services, education and training services and local schools.


Mentoring, Employment Training, Health and Social care, Entrepreneurship.

Hounslow: Cooking, Youth activities, skills training and development, Music dance and the Art.

Seven sisters: Dance, drama, after school clubs

Our work has grown to support activities in around the world. 

We are active in :

Congo – the work we are doing in the Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) been recognised that people with disabilities in a small town called Tshango, located in the capital of Kinshasa as now a suitable sanitation place and living happily on their environment with less deaf disease,

Basic sanitation and adequate protection.

CHF also has been involved with supporting the local homeless and helping get back into society by giving them mentoring and teaching them how to make a CV  And get back into employment. Orphans to a secure shelters and education.

Zambia we work with farmers and families. In Kenya we work with young people.